CopybookMapper™ For Database

For most IT professionals, "taming the beast" means finding solutions to help unlock mainframe programs and make them available to newer applications. Schemaware provides set of tools to help you to migrate your mainframe data to RDBMS of your choice. So that you could develop web based applications using latest technologies such as J2EE and .NET.

CopybookMapper™ for Database provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop approach to create mappings between an input document and an output document, each of which may be either a database schema or a COBOL copybook documents.

Once created, mapping definitions can be used to generate Mapper Java classes or Mapper C# classes or both. At runtime you could either use generated Mapper Java classes or Mapper C# classes to convert the data from one format to another.

It supports the following data transformation or feature

  • Database to COBOL copybook
  • COBOL copybook to Database
  • Mainframe Migration to RDBMS

Tools Overview:

CopybookMapper™ Designer

  • Drag and drop-mapping an input to an output can be done just by dragging an input field and drop this field onto an output field.
  • Generates Mapper Java/C# classes.
  • Non Java application such as .Net, C, C++ can also do the data transformation using 'Mapper XSLs'.
  • Works with any RDBMS.
  • Available as an Eclipse Plug-in.
  • Graphical representation of database Schema (TreeTable and Tree View) - Provides easy navigation of schema element.
  • Graphical representation of Cobol copybook format (TreeTable and Tree View) - Provides easy navigation of copybook
  • Provides graphical view on how fields are mapped from one format to another format.
  • Provides way to access the schema /copybook field properties.
  • Integrates other tools.
  • Unit test can be done using generated Mapper classes or Mapper XSLs
  • Advanced Mapping can be implemented by using 'Custom Mapping feature', which generated custom transformation class template.
  • Includes a rich set of Translation API for both types of transformations.


  • Transform Copybook to Database and Database to Copybook
  • Capture mapping definition in language neutral formal
  • Generate mapper code in JAVA or C#
  • Mainframe to Database migration
  • Web enable the Mainframe
  • Expose the mainframe services as WebServices
  • Supports Copybook Redefine
  • Supports copybook Enumeration-88
  • Supports EBCDIC and ASCII conversion